Founders Unders 40 strongly believes that all founders should be treated with respect and be giving the support they need to thrive no matter where they are, founders helping founders. We strive to be a positive impact today and tomorrow.

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Founders Under 40™Group , also know as FU40, as many of you know is the fastest growing unconventional group for founders. A group community that allows business minds to connect and share. Thanks to the members of this impressive group.

Our group was established in 2008, during a time of a world financial crisis, several on going wars and growing social division. Sub-prime, AIG were popular words. Too big to fail was a popular phrase.

We recognized that the world was becoming a global village and founders felt lonely.

So our founder started a group unsure of anything.
The group barely had a website, purpose, business model, a logo, or any members. With time and dedication we now are 14000+ strong members and reaching millions of leaders everyday.

We’ve grown and with support, we’ll continue to grow and add value.


Providing unconventional and conventional marketing service and business solutions, that focuses on early & growing service oriented organization. Proud partner to Founders Under 40 Group

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